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About VisitSafe

How does it work?

Sign-up at and choose your unique URL, for example We will also give you a QR code pointing to your unique URL.

Ask staff to present visitors with your unique URL and or QR code so customers can enter details on their own device.

Log back in to to download your records if required.

That's it! We automatically delete records according to government requirements.

Stay in contact with your customers

VisitSafe gives your customers the option to opt-in for marketing. Opt-in records are available at VisitSafe for download or automatic addition to an Impact Data TalkBox account.

Already an Impact Data TalkBox user? Just add your TalkBox account API key at VisitSafe. Job done!

Not an Impact Data TalkBox customer? Talk to us about TalkBox today.

Not interested in marketing? No problem, VisitSafe is freely available for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment to use VisitSafe?
No. Any internet enabled device such as a mobile phone can be used to access your VisitSafe form to check-in details.

Can I use VisitSafe for more than one Venue?
Yes! You can setup multiple VisitSafe venue accounts. You just need to provide a unique email address for each venue account you setup.

What customer details should be entered when checking-in?
Per government guidelines customers should be checked in with their name, phone number and table number. If you are asking customers to check themselves in please ensure the table number at which they are seated is clearly displayed.

What if a customer doesn’t have a phone number?
If a customer doesn’t have a phone number then can enter their email address or home address in the “phone number” field.

What if one person wants to check-in all customers at a table?
Details of multiple customers can be added from a single device by submitting the form multiple times.

How can staff be sure if customers have checked-in correctly?
Staff can ask to see the form success page on a customer’s phone. Staff can take details verbally and check customers in on their own device. Staff can also view the reports to see who has and has not checked-in.

Is the data secure?
All data entered in VisitSafe is held securely and is available only to the VisitSafe account holders. Visit data will be deleted as per government guidelines.

How do I access the data for contact tracing?
We hope you don’t have any confirmed or suspected cases at your place of business. In the case you do and are asked to provide your visit records you can access and download this data from your VisitSafe account.

How can I use the contact data where marketing consent has been provided?
This data is available for extraction directly from your VisitSafe account. Impact Data can also load this data directly into your Impact Data TalkBox account. Don’t have TalkBox? Click here to ask us about setting up your free 1 month trial.

Is the data collected in my account used for any other purpose?
No. The data collected is for the purposes of COVID-19 contact tracing. You may use the data to communicate with customers who provide consent to do so during check-in. The data is not made available to any other party nor used for any other purpose.

Need help?
Contact our Melbourne and UK support teams by email at [email protected] or submit a ticket here.